Bruce Ringstrom Jr. and Bruce Ringstrom Sr.

Bruce Ringstrom Jr. and Bruce Ringstrom Sr.
Criminal Defense Attorneys in MN & ND

We focus on what matters to you:


  • Defending the Innocent

  • Avoiding Jail Time

  • Avoiding Prison

  • Relieving the Pressure

  • Getting This Behind You

I pray to God I never go through this again, but he would be the only lawyer I would hire.

Avvo review of Bruce Ringstrom Jr.

Very excellent at what he does! He was able get me out of a tough situation & reach a reasonable negotiation in order to preserve my future. I am extremely thankful to have had him as a lawyer.

Avvo review of Bruce Ringstrom Jr.

All in all, I would highly recommend Bruce Jr. as your attorney. He works hard for you and does a great job making the whole process easier to handle.

Avvo review of Bruce Ringstrom Jr.

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How Do You Defend “Those People”?

What is asset forfeiture?

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Ringstrom Team Featured in Cover Story

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The cover story of today’s The Forum of Fargo-Moorhead was an article on Bruce Ringstrom Sr. and Bruce Ringstrom Jr. In the article, the Ringstroms discuss their commonalities and differences as…

Ringstrom Jr. a Panelist at MSUM Restorative Justice Conference

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On November 16, Bruce Ringstrom Jr. participated in the Practicing Restorative Justice Conference at Minnesota State University Moorhead. Along with Karen Kringlie, Nick Thornton, and Johnathan Judd, Ringstrom was a panelist for…

Ringstrom Jr. Gets DWI Dismissal

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Bruce Ringstrom Jr. recently obtained a DWI dismissal and a rescission of the accompanying driver’s license revocation in Polk County. Ringstrom’s client had been charged with second degree DWI test…

Ringstrom Sr. and Jr. Win Felony Trial

| Company News & Events | No Comments

Recently Bruce Ringstrom Sr. and Bruce Ringstrom Jr. won a Clay County court trial for which the charges were two felony counts of ineligible voting. In an order made following…

Ringstrom Gets Suppression in Felony Drug Case

| Company News & Events | No Comments

A Clay County judge recently granted a motion to suppress that was made by Bruce Ringstrom Jr. The case involved a police search of a vehicle and the vehicle’s occupant…

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“Reverse Location” Search Warrants Trouble Privacy Advocates and Defense Attorneys

| Industry News | No Comments

“Reverse location” search warrants and police searches are on the rise in Minneapolis-St. Paul and nationally, reported MPR News this week. This type of warrant has Google “identify the locations…

Minnesota Governor Supports Restorative Justice Legislation for Veterans

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The Star Tribune recently reported that Minnesota governor Tim Walz is supporting efforts to improve the treatment of veterans within the state’s criminal justice system. Governor Walz, who is a…

U.S. Supreme Court Says Yes, Pickpocketing Can Be a Violent Felony

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Yesterday the U.S. Supreme Court ruled in a 5-4 decision that “[p]urse snatching and pickpocketing can amount to violent felonies for purposes of a federal law,” reports the New York Times….

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