Bruce Ringstrom Jr. and Bruce Ringstrom Sr.

Bruce Ringstrom Jr. and Bruce Ringstrom Sr.
Criminal Defense Attorneys in MN & ND

We focus on what matters to you:


  • Avoiding Jail Time

  • Avoiding Prison

  • Relieving the Pressure

  • Getting This Behind You

I pray to God I never go through this again, but he would be the only lawyer I would hire.

Avvo review of Bruce Ringstrom Jr.

Very excellent at what he does! He was able get me out of a tough situation & reach a reasonable negotiation in order to preserve my future. I am extremely thankful to have had him as a lawyer.

Avvo review of Bruce Ringstrom Jr.

All in all, I would highly recommend Bruce Jr. as your attorney. He works hard for you and does a great job making the whole process easier to handle.

Avvo review of Bruce Ringstrom Jr.

Is it appropriate for law enforcement to lie?

What is asset forfeiture?

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License Suspension Under Growing Scrutiny in MN, ND, and Entire U.S.

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A fall 2017 report by the Legal Aid Justice Center says that 46 states – including Minnesota and North Dakota – have some form of driver’s license suspension tied to…

Facial Recognition Technology: Surveillance as a Trade-off for New Tools

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A recent article about the “Face Lab” at a North Carolina university discusses how facial recognition science and technology have the potential for solving problems as well as the potential…

Unlawful DNA Collection Thwarted in MN’s Dakota County

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The Dakota County (MN) sheriff recently agreed to “stop collecting DNA samples without a warrant from defendants charged with certain violent crimes” and to destroy “previously collected DNA samples,” reports…

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Ringstrom Is Contributing Author in F-M Publication

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In an article written for the October Fargo Inc! magazine, Bruce Ringstrom Jr. addresses how addiction can affect the workplace and what employers should consider when confronted with this issue….

Ringstrom Presents at Criminal Justice Institute

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On August 23, Bruce Ringstrom Jr. presented at the 2017 Criminal Justice Institute, a two-day training event for Minnesota attorneys and others in the criminal justice system. Along with John…

Ringstrom Wins Suppression in Felony Case

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The Forum recently reported on the dismissal of a Clay County felony drug case, after defense attorney Bruce Ringstrom Jr. sought to have improperly gathered evidence suppressed.  “If officers searched everyone they…

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