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Minnesota Lawmakers Begin Work of Regulating Facial Recognition Software

By February 20, 2020 No Comments

A committee of the Minnesota Legislature “has taken the first small steps toward considering what a handful of cities and states around the country have already done — regulating or banning the use of facial recognition software by business and government,” reports MinnPost.  This so-called “draft of legislation,” which focuses on regulation rather than bans or moratoriums, includes the following provisions: “[p]olice agencies in Minnesota would have to have written policies on the use of the technology; they couldn’t enter into agreements with private entities to gain facial recognition data; unless it is part of a criminal investigation, people whose facial recognition data is collected have a right to access that data… police agencies must prepare reports that show how often such data is used in a criminal investigation, how often it is used for reasons other than a criminal investigation and the number of times a police agency shared data with other police agencies or government entities.” Another article on this topic, released 10 days later, asserts that this legislation “does not seem destined to be put on a fast track” to becoming Minnesota law.