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MN Court Invalidates Criminal Telephone-Stalking Law

By December 17, 2019 No Comments

The Minnesota Court of Appeals recently ruled “that a state law that makes it a crime to stalk someone by telephone is unconstitutional because it’s too broad” and “restricts free speech,” reports the Associated Press. The court explained that the law “criminalizes a substantial amount of protected speech” and “that under current law, a person could be charged for repeatedly calling a business to complain about pollution,” for example, “or a worried parent could be charged for repeatedly texting a child — even if they don’t intend to frighten or intimidate the people they were calling.” The court “found that Minnesota’s stalking-by-telephone statute is similar to the state’s stalking-by-mail statute,” a law previously ruled by the Minnesota Supreme Court to be overly broad and infringing on free speech.