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Unjustly Protecting Dishonest Police Officers

By October 21, 2019 No Comments

A lengthy USA Today investigation of compliance with the Brady v. Maryland Supreme Court case has found “widespread failure by police departments and prosecutors to track problem officers.” Among the findings of the investigation: “Thousands of people have faced criminal charges or gone to prison based in part on testimony from law enforcement officers deemed to have credibility problems by their bosses or by prosecutors.” In other words, wrongful convictions and imprisonment are occurring because of these Brady violations. “At least 300 prosecutors’ offices across the nation”—Jackson County, Minnesota is mentioned as an example—”are not taking steps necessary to comply with the Supreme Court mandates. These places do not have a list tracking dishonest or otherwise untrustworthy officers.” Then, even where lists are kept, “police and prosecutors [often] refuse to make them public, making it impossible to know whether they are following the law.”