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ND Second Chance Bill Would Seal Criminal Records

By February 19, 2019 No Comments

The North Dakota House has passed two bills that would allow people to petition to have the court seal criminal records, reports the Grand Forks Herald. House Bill 1256 is intended to apply to non-violent and non-sexual offenses. “The petitioner would have to show good cause,” says the bill’s sponsor, Rep. Shannon Roers Jones. Law enforcement and courts would still have access to the complete criminal history but it wouldn’t appear in background checks for most employment and private housing applications. Rep. Karla Rose Hanson says, “Improving a person’s chance to have a paycheck and stable place to live means we increase the chance they won’t re-offend.” House Bill 1334 would require courts to seal drunk driving records if the person doesn’t commit another criminal offense in seven years. It would not apply to licensed commercial drivers or prosecutors’ access to prior offenses. Both bills have moved to the Senate for consideration.