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ND Judicial Branch Says It Needs More Funding, Not Less

By December 6, 2018 No Comments

North Dakota’s judicial branch “has requested a slight [budget] increase for the 2019-21 biennium,” reports the Bismarck Tribune, even though Governor Burgum had requested budget reductions from the judicial branch and similar agencies. “The court system was ‘hit really hard’ by the staff cuts in 2017, according to state court administrator Sally Holewa.” One consequence of these cuts, according to Holewa, are increased “errors that are being caused by people being pushed too hard and too fast to get work done.” The errors include “[c]riminal case filings where charges were amended, but the clerk didn’t catch it and change it in the computer system.” Says North Dakota Supreme Court Chief Justice Gerald VandeWalle, “I’m aware that this is contrary to what the governor requested. I wish we could accommodate his request generally, but I can’t in good faith do it.”