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Privacy Rights Raised Following Fargo Police Drone Surveillance

By October 23, 2018 No Comments

Fargo police surveillance tactics made the news recently when a local criminal trial revealed that “drones were used to surveil the suspects,” in addition to other more common techniques that included GPS tracking and undercover surveillance by officers. Fargo chief of police David Todd has also stated that “another form of electronic surveillance” was used but would only specify that it was “within the boundaries of the law.” The Forum News Service article about these surveillance tactics provides information from Andrew Malone of the ALCU North Dakota: “[Malone] said [the ACLU] has concerns about drones being equipped with facial recognition and powerful microphones. The ACLU is also concerned with what happens to the information drones collect and how, where and how long the data is stored.” Malone clarified that the ALCU is not “outright opposed to drone usage” but wants to have strong enough privacy protections codified in the law.