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New Ideas for Minnesota’s Prison Sentencing Guidelines

By August 15, 2018 No Comments

Minnesota’s Sentencing Guidelines Commission, which has considerable control over how much prison time offenders receive for convictions, “has cobbled together 12 last-chance policy changes to consider before a new governor takes office. All deal with criminal history score modifications,” reports Minnesota Lawyer. The commission has already spent more than a year debating these potential changes. One idea is to remove the “custody status point” from a person’s record faster, after probation is done rather than after the pronounced sentence is done. Another is to reduce the “look-back window beyond which old prior felonies stop counting toward the criminal history scores” from 15 to 10 years. And a third is to “increase scores assigned to prior severe violent crimes, if the offender commits another one,” which would result in more prison time for those offenders. The full text of the potential modifications can be read here. Minnesota statute indicates that “any adopted proposals would need to be forwarded by Jan. 15 to the Legislature for review.”