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Breathalyzer for Marijuana to Be Field-Tested

By August 4, 2018 No Comments

A California company, Hound Labs, says it has made a marijuana breathalyzer that can “accurately detect whether a person has smoked pot in the last two hours, a window many consider the peak impairment time frame,” reports NPR. Other companies have also been working to develop such a device in the absence of reliable methods to detect this kind of impairment. David Downs, an expert in the marijuana industry, hopes that states will start to agree on a standardized, “science-based cut-off limit for THC level impairment.” Says Downs, “We could be putting behind bars people who are safe and we could be letting go people who are a real danger.” Some law enforcement units will soon begin testing the Hound breathalyzer in the field, but its admissibility in court has yet to be determined.