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Police Say They Were Ordered to Falsify Arrest Reports

By January 4, 2018 No Comments

Some Philadelphia police officers “have sued their bosses for allegedly ordering them to lie on arrest paperwork about their informants,” reports the Associated Press. The practice is one “that experts say raises the possibility of corruption and illegitimate prosecutions.” As former police officer and prosecutor Eugene O’Donnell told the AP, “If officers concealed or destroyed evidence or made false statements about cases, or failed to turn over exculpatory information to prosecutors, it could have sweeping implications for past and current cases.” The practice described in the lawsuit has yet to be proven, but meanwhile the allegations are raising due process issues for open criminal cases in Philadelphia: “For instance, if the officer who detained a person is revealed to be under investigation for falsifying arrest paperwork, lawyers could point to that as a reason why the officer’s account of an incident may not be truthful.”