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Sex Offender Registries “Spiral out of Control”

By September 18, 2017 No Comments

Former public defender David Feige recently published commentary relating to Untouchable, his documentary that “examines sex offender laws through the lives of individuals on the sex offender registry.” One of Feige’s subjects for the project was a North Dakota State University student at the time of his arrest; the student thought he was having consensual sex with an adult, but his partner turned out to be 15 years old. Feige writes, “In our zeal to protect children and get tough on crime, we have allowed our criminal justice system to run amok — expanding categories and exacting punishments that upon closer inspection few of us would really condone.” And he writes, “While it is entirely reasonable that we try to guard against predatory sexual behavior, it is unreasonable to allow the sex offender registry… to spiral out of control as it has.”